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December 21, 2022

What Are The 5 Pillars of Cyber Security?

Critical for businesses of all sizes, the 5 pillars of cyber security are essential to protecting your company's data.

The 5 pillars of cyber security are a set of principles that provide a comprehensive framework for a successful cybersecurity program. These pillars ensure that organizations have the necessary safeguards in place to protect their digital assets, as well as their customers and internal stakeholders. 

The five pillars are integrity of data in its original form, availability for authorized parties, identity authenticity, data confidentiality and non-repudiation. 

1. Integrity of Data in Its Original Form

Data and information integrity is an important concept in today's digital world. It is the assurance that data and information can be trusted, is accurate, and secure. This is the process that ensures the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of data over its entire life cycle. It is the process of ensuring that data is accurate, secure, and unchanged during its entire life cycle. Information integrity is the process of ensuring that information is accurate, complete, and secure.

Data and information integrity are essential for businesses and organizations to ensure their data and information is reliable and secure. They must ensure that data and information are accurate, consistent, and secure from unauthorized access and 3rd party manipulation. Data integrity is especially important for organizations that manage sensitive or confidential information, such as financial or customer data. 

Without the ability to maintain data and information integrity, an organization's credibility and reputation will be severely damaged, compromising it’s ability to conduct business in the future.

2. Availability For Authorized Parties

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Availability indicates that the authorized user may easily access the data at anytime. It ensures that the system will be completely functioning regardless of what transpires. Availability for authorized parties means that those who have permission may access your data at any time and with ease. Possessing resources that enable convenient access to information is vital to maintain availability.

In order to facilitate availability, the allocation of resources to ensure data stability and persistent accessibility through frequent updates and maintenance is required.

An easy-to-understand example of how important availability for authorized parties can be is internet banking. Imagine that all of your transactions are conducted through internet banking. You want access to your account's transaction history and balance.

However, imagine that the bank only permits access to this information during certain times of the day. This would cause significant backlash from their clients. To avoid this, businesses strive to provide access to your information whenever it is required.

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3. Data Confidentiality

One of the most essential components of cybersecurity is confidentiality. It guarantees that your data will not be shared with other parties unless they have authorization. Regarding the security of your data, confidentiality is not only essential, but it is also expected.

Your data is sent in an encrypted format when it is moved from one location to another. Only the sender and recipient can comprehend this information. It will be extremely challenging for a third party to take your data.

For instance, your communications are encrypted if you communicate with a friend over a messenger app such as WhatsApp. No foreign entity can access your communications.

Only the sender and the receiver can correctly interpret these communications. If a third party is viewing all of these communications, there would be a huge breach of trust You are providing your personal information, which is now in possession of a third party. This third party may benefit from having access to your private data. 

Your personal information will be protected if the confidentiality of your correspondence is maintained. You are unrestricted in your freedom of action. Consequently, access to your data is governed by passwords such as encryption and biometric scan.

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4. Non-Repudiation 

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Non-Repudiation is another vital factor that ensures data delivery to the sender only. Using this feature means that the recipient of the information may also validate the sender; a third party cannot control or interfere with the sending and receiving of data and assures that the data is sent to the correct and intended recipient.

You may access the information security system's logs to offer evidence of the sender and recipient. No foreign entity can interfere with the transmission and reception of your data.

It is essential that only the sender and the receiver of the communication may modify the data that is being transmitted. Non-Repudiation facilitates this by protecting the data.

Non-Repudiation also provides proof of delivery to the sender and the recipient is guaranteed the sender's identity. It ensures that no third party may interfere with data transmission or reception.

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5. Identity Authentication

Authentication safeguards your data from prying eyes by requiring users to demonstrate their control over it. It also allows only those who are permitted to view the data to do so.

It is vital to confirm the information's transmission and origin. There are several techniques for ensuring authorization, including passwords and biometric information. For example, social media sites such as Instagram require users to log into their accounts using a username and password. Also, many smartphones now allow users to access their data after biometric verification, such as a fingerprint.

Without identity authentication, a third party can impersonate a user and access the system and its resources. This is why identity authentication is an important pillar of cybersecurity.

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