Partnering with Cyber Crucible

Learn how our partners protect their clientbase while adding profitability by enhancing their security offering with our unique ransomware and client data extortion prevention solution.


How our valued partners win:

For our MSP Partners:

Immediate increase in client satisfaction through the addition of our unique solution
Real protection from client churn thru the addition of our cutting edge patented solution
A truly flexible solution that could not be a more simple implementation
True and immediate value providing the end user and partner with solid peace of mind
Little to none ongoing maintenance

For our valued MSSP Partners:

Finally the ability to offer a ‘complete’ defense in depth security solution easily
Immediate relief from client churn with the addition of our unique and patented offering
Easy of implementation unparalleled in similar security tools
Immediate value providing the end user and partner with solid peace of mind
Little to none ongoing maintenance

Types of partnerships

Cyber Crucible takes a pragmatic approach to partnerships.  This has led to success with multiple types and sizes of partners.

Distributors & Master Agents

Our web portal is currently used by Distributors and Master Agents to purchase and distribute licenses to organizations operating as Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs).  Automatic provisioning of licenses to partners is available, but manual distribution of licenses only takes 30 seconds in Cyber Crucible’s multi-tenant web portal.

Value Added Resellers

Cyber Crucible’s endpoint pricing is simple, client value is clearly defined and differentiated, and onboarding processes are effortless. Existing VAR sales teams easily approach their prospects, knowing we provide technical and trial license assistance as necessary to land the deal.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Cyber Crucible’s clear value proposition, attractive pricing model, and minimal support overhead provides MSP providers with a successful sales add-on. IT providers either include our software in their existing per-endpoint pricing models as a contract protection mechanism, or bundle deployment and monitoring as a customer add-on. Multiple MSP partners have seen our product be the differentiating factor during contract renewal, expansion of existing scope of work, or winning competitive bids.

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs)

Our most successful partnerships, strictly from a customer satisfaction and sales success perspective, are those with sales strategies which include Cyber Crucible monitoring and engagement as part of a larger security service offering.  Full API access means Cyber Crucible data may be included in your dashboards, customer reporting, and internal managed security operations.

Our reputation as ransomware extortion prevention experts only enhances your clients’ confidence in your software offering.  Our requirement is, much like the “Intel Inside” logo on computer hardware, the end user client must be aware our software is one tool in use by your security experts.

The ransomware solution trusted by professionals around the world

"Leading Innovators in Breach Discovery Technology" - Wealth & Finance Intl."Best Automated Malware & Intrusion Analysis Service Provider" - GDS Review"Cyber Security Innovators of the Year" - US Business News

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