Almost anyone! We use an easy to deploy, cloud-based solution. We quickly return detailed reports that non-expert staff can use. 

Cyber Crucible’s capability is unique, patented, and automates the manual process. Manual work is slow, expensive, and potentially inaccurate. This is not because of analyst’ lack of expertise, but because of the sheer volume of security alerts and attackers’ growing sophistication. There are just too few experts available to do this work by hand, and without Cyber Crucible, they simply do not have the information they require to do their jobs quickly and accurately. 

Did you know costs for a minor incident average to 4 million dollars? When a breach occurs, businesses typically pay $3,000 per day on analysis and remediation. According to Ponemon, breaches typically go undetected for 229 days, with remediation taking 82 days. The cost benefit of having Cyber Crucible outweighs these costs, as well as the cost to hire expensive and rare cyber security personnel. 

Cyber Crucible is a platform solution for all devices. For more questions, Contact Us 

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