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We leverage hyper-automation to provide our customers with highly effective cyber risk mitigation capabilities. With our software, security and business managers can dramatically increase efficiency and effectiveness in defending against data extortion attacks. We have leveraged our offensive knowledge to develop defensive products that give you the capabilities you need to respond autonomously and remotely to the most critical cybersecurity risks you currently face.

Leadership team

The Cyber Crucible team is composed of experienced leaders and prodigy team members. Our team is modeled after special forces units - a small number of highly skilled, highly motivated personnel can accomplish any targeted objective.

Dennis Underwood


Kyle Nehman


Andrew Morton

SVP Sales & Corp Development

Our history and vision

Cyber Crucible’s value proposition is simple; find the biggest pain point to cybersecurity leaders, that could benefit from some type of disruptive automation, and attempt to accomplish said automation through technology.

What started as a broader security automation project, has evolved into a highly effective, highly resilient hyperautomated data extortion prevention capability protecting thousands of people’s data internationally.

Several patents have been filed, some already awarded, during this product journey.

Our monthly product cycles split between “greenfield” R&D and current product sustainments and improvements.  Occasionally, this results in a completely new product or a disruptive improvement to the value our own products provide.

If there is a quote that best describes this dynamic, it would be from Andy Groves of Intel: “You have to be willing to eat your young because if you don’t do it, someone else will, and you’ll just lose the customer.”

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