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Rogue Process Prevention: cybersecurity that stops attacks before they start
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If existing tools are truly effective, why are cyberattacks rising?

Attackers evolve too quickly for tools who claim they’ve solved the problem

In fact, ransomware attacks are up 95% year-over-year with no sign of slowing down.

Rogue Process Prevention (RPP) automatically detects attempts to encrypt data and prevents the attack entirely. Unlike traditional cybersecurity solutions, RPP provides automatic, run-time protection without the need for additional cloud or response components, and it stops attacks in milliseconds.

Redefine Prevention with RPP

Secure data and identities in a single package


Stop cyberattacks before they start. Attacks are stopped instantly, in less than 200 milliseconds.

Total data

Suspend and remove ransomware and data theft cyberattacks before any damage can be done.


Block cybercriminals from stealing cookies or tokens from applications like browsers.


People aren't required to monitor or manage RPP because its processes are fully automated.

Easy to deploy and manage

Deploying RPP doesn't cause disruption to operations, and endpoint management is simple.


Realize immediate savings from automation and reduce long-term costs by eliminating cyberattacks.

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